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Electronic Shisha Pen in Pakistan

What is Electronic Shisha Pen pen in Pakistan?

Electronic Shisha Pen in Pakistan Electronic Shisha Pens are a big part of the current celebrity trend of reaching VIP clubs, festivals and celebrity hangouts across the country. This 500 puff is free of smoke and poisons, nicotine, tobacco, and harmful fluids. Get a Shisha pen and enjoy all the benefits of smoking without the harm with an e-shisha pen.

With this novel disposable e-shisha, there is no tobacco smell on clothes, hands or skin. It has a good taste and does not leave any smell. It is free of ash and did not contain any hazardous fumes in any sense. The e-glass pan is helpful for people and the environment alike and can be used thanks to the starter kit. The electronic cigarette is powered by a large capacity 650mAh battery.

How does electronic shisha pen work in Pakistan?

E-Cigarettes are equivalent to a pack and a half of regular cigarettes. The easiest way is Shisha pen price in Pakistan for all smokers who want to quit smoking.

Shisha pen in Daraz Online mainly works with battery fueled principle units and channels. You will want to connect the channel to the necessary control unit with the tip goal of starting smoking in mind. The E-Shesha Pen is composed of 10 separate channels and each of these channels is long enough for 20,000 puffs. The pen in the drawer is powered by a rechargeable lithium particle battery that lasts for a long time.


It is ash-free and contains no hazardous fumes whatsoever. Electronic glass pens are helpful for people and the environment alike. Electronic Shisha Pen Online in Pakistan has a large capacity of 650mAh battery.

  1. You can use it easily
  2. A better and better way to smoke without the harmful fumes
  3. This is helpful for people and the environment alike.
  4. No more dangerous smoke and ash.
  5. Its style is portable and aesthetically appealing.
  6. It has a 650mAh battery.
  7. It is the best, smartest, most cost-effective, and efficient atomizer in all its categories.

How to use a glass pen?

The  electronic shisha pen is equivalent to a pack and a half of regular cigarettes. The easiest option is the shisha pen for all smokers who want to quit regular cigarettes. This Sheesha Pen is a better option within the cigarette alternative and excellent to provide your tasteful smoking with harmful substances. Follow the instructions below to use the electronic glass pen:

  • First charge the glass pan for one hour.
  • Then open the smoking tip to pour the flavored liquid into the glass and pour the liquid into the glass tube until it reaches the 1.6ml mark.
  • Be careful when adding flavoring liquid and do not spill into the middle white element.
  • Then, screw the smoking tip and fix the battery.
    The device has an on/off function, click the button 5 times fast and it will turn it off. Click the button again 5 times to show it.
  • You have to lift the button and breathe in and out easily.
  • Now you will hear a touch hissing sound.
  • Enjoy this Electronic Shisha Pen in Pakistan.

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